Rigormortem hails from the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa, and is one of only a few Black Metal bands from the Country. With fierce Vocals and harsh Guitars, powered with the devastating blast beats and intensity, Rigormortem is one of South Africa's most aggressive bands in the genre, with influences varying from the Black to Deathened-Black genres of Black Metal.


Rigormortem took form in early 2007 after its first successful line-up was complete and left their mark in the South African metal scene after their first few shows in 2008, surprising audiences with the sheer intensity of the music, being one of the few live performing Black Metal bands in South Africa.


All Music, Written, Recorded, Produced and Released by Julian 'Mortem' Faber, under no label. 


•Members are:


• Vinter - Vocals (Also founder of Rigormortem)

• Mortem -  Guitars and Song-writing, aswel as recording and production. (Also      founder of Rigormortem)

• Hayle - Bass

• Impious - Drums




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