Rigormortem was formed in early 2004 by Guitarist, Mortem, and Vocalist, Vinter. A drummer and guitarist later joined, only to leave soon therafter as practices were unsuccessful. Mortem and Vinter continued their practices and songwriting and later recruited Tempest on Guitars and Dean on drums, but due to unfortunate circumstances Dean had to part from the band. Early in 2008 Hayle joined on Bass and still plays in Rigormortem. Rigormortem gained a new drummer in 2008, Impious, but also left the band after a year as he moved Provinces. 


All the members live within Cape Town, with a variety of influences ranging from Black Metal, Death Metal and other Classical influences. Their love of both Black and Death Metal compels them to combine both styles, thus bringing forth Rigormortem's  style of Deathened-Black. The melodies are intense and atmospheric, accompanied by harsh vocals and a  

hammering backing of the drums. 



Darkest Of Hails to all who have given their support to us through our attempt to strive as a South African Black Metal band. WE hope that the end product will be satisfactory and take SA Metal as far as it can go. 



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